Hello 40 West Farmers' Market Applicant!

You can either fill out the form below to request an application, or just click on the links further down the page for a direct download of the Vendor Application, Rules & Regulations and ACH Payment Form.

All non-profits and public service garden instructors, please contact Gene Kalesti, the Market Manager, at gene@40westfarmersmarket.com. We want to support and make space for you.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming a new vendor! 

The location of this Farmers’ Market is very important for the neighborhood and the City of Lakewood’s 40 West Arts District. It is truly historical ground for so many reasons. The neighborhood, the associations and City of Lakewood understand this and spent millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours planning the revitalization of the 40 West Arts District that is home to our Farmers' Market.


We vendors sometimes have conflicts in our schedules, we respectfully ask that all vendors attend all ten 40 West Farmers’ Markets for the 2016 season. We greatly appreciate this as the revenue generated from your sales not only helps you but the money from your Lot & Vendor Fees provides 40 West Farmers’ Market with additional advertising dollars to spend promoting the Market. And, as you know, more advertising means more customers. To achieve that goal, we have an incentive program for vendors with perfect attendance. 

At the end of the 2016 season, a vendor with perfect attendance will receive FREE LOT/APPLICATION FEE ENTRY into the 2017 40 West Farmers’ Market! And next year’s 40 West Farmers’ Market is 18 weeks long, and will have a lot higher lot fee!

(Must be paid annually) 

10 X 10 ft. single space - $50
10 X 20 ft. double space - $100    (Limited number of these spaces) 
10 to 20 ft. food truck space - $100    (Limited number of these spaces)
10 X 30 ft. triple space - $150    (Very Limited number of these spaces)
20 to 30 ft. Food Truck - $150    (Very Limited number of these spaces)

The Lot Application Fee will be returned if your application is not accepted this year.


10 X 10 ft. single space - $600
10 X 20 ft. double space - $900
Food Truck space - $900
10 X 30 ft. triple space - $1200

(For one day only! Lot and Vendor Fees are combined.)

10 ft. single space - $50 Lot Fee + $70 Vendor Fee = $120 total per day
10 X 20 ft. double space - $100 Lot Fee + $80 Vendor Fee = $180 total per day
10 to 20 ft. food truck space - $100 Lot Fee + $80 Vendor Fee = $180 total per day
10 X 30 ft. triple space - $150 Lot Fee + $90 Vendor Fee = $240 total per day
20 to 30 ft. food truck space - $150 Lot Fee + $90 Vendor Fee = $240 total per day

For a One-Day Drop-In, we require a 3-day pre-approval with required documents, license and liability insurance. The 7.5% tax for all immediate consumption food will also apply. Drop-in vendors must obtain permission and location assignment from the Market Manager before setting up. We will make every attempt to accommodate your needs. The drop-in fees are due no later than 2pm the day of set-up. It is your responsibility to pay the Market Manager. Drop-in spaces are limited and are filled at the discretion of the Market Manager.

Some electricity is available for vendors upon request.


All Farmers’ Market Lot/Application and Vendor Fees must be paid by July 18th, 2016. If you are accepted and we do not get your Lot/Application and Vendor Fees by July 18th, 2016, your space will open to other applying vendors. All documents must be received and fees paid the daybefore set-up of the first market day, Wednesday, July 20th, 2016.

Dates & Times

July 2016: 21st, 28th
August 2016: 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th
September 20161st, 8th, 15th, 22nd

Thursday Evenings from 4:30pm to 8:30pm

2:30pm - Farmers
2:45pm - Artisan Canned/Manufactured
 -  Non-Food, Locally-Made Items & Non-Profit, Public Service & Organizations
3:15pmFood Trucks
4:15pm - All Vendors Must be Set Up
8:30pm - Break Down (Cannot Break Down Before this Time)
9:00pm - Access to Market Area with your Vehicle

40 West Farmers Market Sponsors and Supporters

West Colfax Community Association

WestFax Brewery  

Planet Fitness


40 West Art District

Broad Street LLC